Never miss an appointment and provide quick answers to your patients and potential customers with TD Phone

Get a complete and detailed record of all calls to evaluate performance and optimise your medical centre's telephone service with Top Doctors' virtual assistant for doctors and clinics.

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Maximize the efficiency and productivity of your medical centre

Optimise your resources and staff by centralising and efficiently managing all incoming calls.

Efficiently allocate staff and resources to ensure that all calls are handled and valuable resources are used effectively.

calls are handled effectively without requiring additional transfers

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Virtual medical secretary: ensure a quick response to your patients and no missed appointments

Don't miss any important calls with our virtual assistant service.

Refer calls to Top Doctors in case your medical centre is unable to handle them.

Ensure that all patients and potential customers receive the most appropriate and timely care.

reduction in patient waiting time

Evaluate staff efficiency and optimise your telephone service with our call centre for clinics and medical practices

Improve staff efficiency and responsiveness with call monitoring.

Know if calls are answered or not, evaluating the performance and efficiency of your team.

Identify patterns and areas for improvement with information about the duration and other details of each call.

of calls are handled in a timely and efficient manner

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Deliver exceptional customer service and improve patient experience

Ensure that all calls are answered and keep a detailed record of each interaction.

Deliver a positive experience to your patients with our efficient and well-managed virtual medical secretary.

Guarantee comprehensive and personalised customer service.

of patients report high satisfaction with our telephone answering service

Benefits of Top Doctors' virtual assistant for doctors and clinics

Your practice...

Automate the appointment booking process
Logging and tracking of all calls
Evaluation of staff and telephone service efficiency

Customise the telephone service according to your needs
Effective distribution of personnel and resources
Redirection to Top Doctors if the call cannot be answered

Your patients...

Reduce waiting time when getting in touch
Easier and faster contact with the medical centre
Reduced waiting time on the phone

Improve your care experience
Timely and personalised attention
Effective and reliable telephone service
Ready to take clinic’s digitalisation to the next level?

Our team of experts can audit your medical centre's level of digitalisation to determine how we can grow your business.


Our call centre allows us to provide quick responses to patients and potential clients, ensuring that an appointment is never missed and guaranteeing that 99% of calls are handled with the highest quality and efficiency.
In the event that your medical centre is unable to take a call, it will be redirected to Top Doctors, ensuring that all patients and potential clients are properly attended to and preventing you from missing out on appointments.
Our solution reduces patient waiting time by 25%, improving patient experience and satisfaction. Complete call logging allows you to evaluate the performance and efficiency of your staff and identify areas for improvement.
TD Phone optimises resources by centralising and efficiently managing all incoming calls. This allows you to efficiently allocate your staff and ensures that all calls are handled, contributing to resource savings for the medical centre.
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