Boost your reputation and highlight your services with patient reviews

Increase your doctor's online reputation and your clinic’s professional credibility by increasing your online visibility with verified patient review.

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Make patients choose you

We only publish reviews from genuine patients, and only if they have had a consultation with you.

We rely solely on credible, double-checked reviews that reflect the true patient experience.

of prospective patients trust other patients’ opinions more than advertising

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Strengthen your professional credibility by enhancing your practice's online reputation

Digital reviews are the new word of mouth.

Improve your reputation and provide patients with evidence of your professional treatment and expertise.

of individuals place equal confidence in online reviews as they do individual recommendations

Improve your visibility and your practice's online positioning

Stand out in internet searches by increasing the number of ratings on your Top Doctors profile.

A high number of reviews support the quality of your services as a medical professional.

of users read online reviews to make a decision about their healthcare

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Get verified reviews for your profile and website

Request feedback through different channels: social media, printed material, or a widget for your personal website.

Transparency in all written assessments by real patients and the possibility of feedback.

of patients do not choose a medical service if they cannot read other patient reviews

Benefits of Top Doctors' online reputation service for doctors and clinics

Your practice...

Automates the appraisal process
Dual verification system for all authentic patients
Tools to proactively request feedback

Increases online visibility and credibility
Published reviews on the website
Published reviews on your Top Doctors profile website

Your patients...

Improve confidence in your choice
Facilitate decision making
Reduce the time needed to find a specialist

Can easily express their opinion
Provide valuable feedback to other patients
Improve your healthcare experience
Ready to take clinic’s digitalisation to the next level?

Our team of experts can audit your medical centre's level of digitalisation to determine how we can grow your business.


By publishing authentic reviews from verified patients, you will increase your credibility and visibility on the Internet. These ratings reflect real experience and provide future patients with evidence of your clinic’s quality and expertise. With a higher number of ratings, you will stand out from other specialists and attract more patients to your practice.

Online reviews play a crucial role in the online positioning of your practice. With a high percentage of Internet users reading reviews before making decisions about their medical care, having real patient reviews significantly improves the visibility of your practice in search results.

Having authentic assessments from real patients strengthens your credibility as a professional. With 97% of patients trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations, having a strong reputation increases patient confidence and helps them choose the best specialist for their case.
Negative evaluations provide credibility to the other opinions and allow patients to see a more complete and honest image of the specialist or medical centre. By answering them publicly, you show a commitment to patient satisfaction and an image of transparency and professionalism that helps to build trust.
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