Organise all your medical appointments anytime, anywhere

Enable your patients to make appointments with you 24/7 and increase the productivity of your practice by filling all the gaps in your schedule.

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online visits to Top Doctors every year


appointments per year are booked by Top Doctors


doctors rely on our services

Spend half the time on admin tasks

Efficiently manage your schedule and adapt it based on your preferences, needs and medical services.

Optimise the time and efficiency of your medical practice with full online access to face-to-face appointment scheduling and e-Consultations.

Reduce your admin workload by up to 50%.

Reduce absenteeism in your practice with our schedule

Automated multichannel appointment reminders for your patients: e-mail, SMS and WhatsApp...

Ask for full or partial prepayment on your patients' first visits.

We send medical articles and videos created in collaboration with you to patients with pending appointments

Appointment reminders reduce patient absenteeism by up to 26%.

Make it easy for your patients

By displaying their current availability, your patients can select the most convenient appointments according to their own schedules.

Our schedule allows you to minimise the downtime of medical consultations, efficiently filling all available slots.

of patients search for a doctor on the Internet

of people want to make appointments at any time of the day

Benefits of Top Doctors' schedule

Your practice...

Automates the appointment booking process
Full or partial prepayment
Mobile app for doctors
Integrated e-Consultation platform

Customise the schedule a according to your needs
Agenda blocks according to availability
Integration with Outlook and Google Calendar
Configuration of rates, durations and schedules

Your patients...

reduce waiting time
24h appointment reservation without assistance
Real time availability
1-click visit confirmation

Improve your care experience
Automated appointment reminders
Online assessment of medical services
Immediate cancellation and rescheduling
Ready to take clinic’s digitalisation to the next level?

Our team of experts can audit your medical centre's level of digitalisation to determine how we can grow your business.


Our schedule allows you to organise all your medical appointments by customising the time and cost of each treatment or medical service. With the 24-hour online booking option, your patients will be able to make appointments on the spot and receive automated reminders via e-mail or SMS, reducing patient absenteeism by 26%.
Our medical appointment software allows you to spend less time on admin tasks and more time with your patients, adapting to their preferences, needs and medical services. You will be able to access the complete scheduling of face-to-face appointments and e-Consultations from anywhere via web or mobile app.

Our medical scheduler is designed to be compatible and easily integrated with the main existing appointment management systems. Our technical support team provides assistance in the integration process and ensures that the transition is smooth and seamless.

Yes, Top Doctors online booking is completely secure. We use advanced encryption technologies that comply with current regulations to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your patient data.

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