Boost productivity by up to 25% with the digitisation of your clinic or practice

Leave traditional management behind and discover digitalisation solutions for your clinic or practice with Top Doctors.

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Solutions to enhance your practice


Manage your entire marketing strategy on a single platform

Dare to make the leap to digital marketing and overcome the obstacles of the traditional era. Boost your services with the digitalisation of your commercial activities with multichannel campaign tools, social networks and much more.

The expected return on investment (ROI) is £40 for every £1 invested in email marketing.

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Increase your number of appointments per hour with online consultations

8 out of 10 patients find e-Consultations more convenient. From electronic prescriptions for medications, to exchanging medical documents, our online consultation platform allows you to provide your patients with comprehensive care.

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Digitise the appointment booking process and improve patient experience

Are you tired of wasting time and money managing your schedule? With greater accessibility and flexibility through our 24-hour online system, your patients will be able to see the availability of your practice in real time and book the appointment that suits them best.

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Discover the products that will drive the digitisation of your clinic or practice

Empower your medical practice with Top Doctors' medical digitalisation solutions for medical professionals and medical centres.

Medical CRM

Centralise your entire marketing strategy: CRM, email, social media and reviews. Attract new patients and retain current ones.


Optimise your consultations and organise all your medical appointments from any location. Allow your patients to book appointments online 24/7.

e-Consultation Software

Offer the flexibility your patients need. Compatible with all major providers: Skype, Teams, Zoom, Meets and Jitsi.


Reduce absenteeism and simplify admin tasks. Activate prepayment in online appointment booking.

Online reputation

Increase your professional credibility and visibility on the internet with genuine, verified patient reviews.

Virtual assistant

Never miss an appointment, boost customer service and provide quick answers to your patients or potential customers with TD Phone.

Marketplace for medical services

Promote your medical treatments in Top Doctors’ exclusive platform and sell your services to interested patients.

Personal Website

Creation of a personal website for your practice. Stand out in the first search results and increase your professional credibility.

Discover more solutions

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Reduce absenteeism

Increase revenue and improve profitability by reducing patient absenteeism by up to 35%.

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Save time

Reduce waiting time in your clinic and simplify your daily practice by automating manual tasks.

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Boost your online reputation

Increase your online visibility by 42% with our medical platform. Appear in the top search positions with your Top Doctors profile

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Increase loyalty

Increase patient loyalty by 30%. Empower your medical practice and find out how to attract and retain more satisfied patients

Ready to take clinic’s digitalisation to the next level?

Our team of experts can audit your medical centre's level of digitalisation to determine how we can grow your business.

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