Centralise your entire marketing strategy on a single platform with Top Doctors CEM

Our CEM is a comprehensive healthcare marketing solution that covers all the needs of your medical centre. Attract new patients, retain existing ones and boost your online presence

Medical CRM can generate up to 20% of all sales

The ROI is 40£ for every 1£ invested in email marketing.

of patients determine the quality of a service based on reviews

Improve communication with your patients

  • Send personalised campaigns via WhatsApp, email and SMS to patients and potential clients.
  • Evaluate your impact through statistics showing the results of all campaigns
  • Deliver exceptional customer service by phone
  • Log all calls, including details such as number, duration, and unanswered calls
  • Efficiently manage potential patients, and in case you are unable to answer a call, automatically forward it to Top Doctors.
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Increase online presence

Social Media: Centralise your social media strategy in one place
  • Connect with the most popular social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Manage content creation and publishing conveniently and easily with smart planning and scheduling tools
  • Monthly view of scheduled publications
  • Access to communication statistics

Boost the management of your practice with our healthcare marketing platform

  • Efficiently manage patient information with features such as filtered listings, medical record and data integration, and intelligent management of duplicate data.
  • Maintain organised records, access relevant information and avoid duplicate records.
  • Import patient information from any database
  • Smart tools to measure and analyze the performance of your marketing strategy
  • Get full statistics on all shipments, social networks and ratings
  • Make results-based decisions and optimize your strategy for success
  • Access a database with all members of your organization, including filtering options by center, department and specialties.
  • Send campaigns and internal communications and get detailed statistics of all actions via email, WhatsApp or SMS.
  • Adapt the platform to your clinic by managing access according to the profile of each user.
  • Access a detailed history of all actions performed by users for greater control and traceability.
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Boost your online reputation and credibility

Ratings: Centralise your social media strategy in a single place
  • Complete management of patient feedback, from review request, to patient verification and publishing
  • Create different customised forms and send them to patients who have already attended an appointment to evaluate your specialists and specialties
  • Only ratings from real patients who have had a consultation.
Ready to take clinic’s digitalisation to the next level?

Our team of experts can audit your medical centre's level of digitalisation to determine how we can grow your business.


Patient Connect is a comprehensive solution that centralises your entire marketing strategy on a single platform. This will allow you to attract new patients, retain current ones and boost your online presence, increasing the visibility and reach of your medical centre.
It also optimises the management of your practice with statistics to measure performance, and an intelligent database to efficiently manage patient and prospective client information.
With Patient Connect, you can optimise and unify management thanks to an organised and filtered database that integrates patients’ clinical history and offers advanced statistical tools. In addition, it will reduce costs associated with other marketing platforms by centralising all tools in Patient Connect.
By segmenting patients into specific audiences, you provide information and offers that are tailored to their needs and preferences, creating a longer lasting relationship with your practice. This increases satisfaction and loyalty of current patients and attracts new customers.
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